Chubby Cheeks

You ever have those moments when you want to cry because something is so cute? And you can't find any words that describe how perfect it is??

Well, I have those moments when I see chubby cheeked babies.

Annapolis Harbor

The Annapolis harbor area is one of my favorite places to go and hang out, enjoy the views, and explore.
One of my friends, Anthony, now attends the college in downtown Annapolis so we have many more opportunities to go down there:)
While some of my friends and I were there visiting him recently, we walked ALL over and took a few fun and random photos.
We really did walk all over the place . . . up this street, down that one, through this alley. It was so much fun tho:)
A very random and very short "shoot" . . .
My buddy Anthony.
Group shot!
Random wall that made me happy:-)
I LOVE this one! Although Colleen (the one on the right) looks like she's about to kill me...
Hope you enjoyed the short random post!


Smith Mountain Lake

A couple weekends ago I had the opportunity to go with my friends , the Craynon family, to their lake house in VA. The last time I had been there, I was about seven(i think), so to be able to go back and revisit some old memories was amazing:) Even tho Colleen(one of my awesome besties) and I were only there for a day and a half, we stuffed the time full with all sorts of things like. . . .

baking a four layered cake(well, Colleen did that one:)). . .

water tubing(always hilarious, especially when you get to hear two boys scream like girls:))

swimming / jumping off the dock. . .

playing card games. . .

and other games that I'm STILL not sure I understand. . .

star gazing on the dock and seeing my first shooting stars:)

discovering I LOVE Owl City. . .

almost getting hit by an airplane(it was only one of those small ones:))

doing mini photo shoots:)

and apparently I "pushed" Colleen down the steps towards the dock but in actuality she fell as I was holding her arm because I couldn't see anything because it was soo dark, anyway. . . :)

and a boat ride on a gorgeous sunny morning:)

(Just a warning, these photos are in no particular order)

The adorable Rebekah. . .

Oh yes, the mini photo shoot:) I love these photos of Colleen:)

This next one is my absolute fave.

This next one is of Mrs. Craynon with Robert in the boat and Austin water skiing on the back. . .

Go Austin!Go Austin!
This was taken on the airport strip when Colleen and I lost our sanity and when we were almost hit be the plane(but not really). . .

You wanna hear the story??

OK, it's rather short tho. . .

We were just lounging on one edge of the landing strip(the circle, where the planes turn around)when we heard a rumbling and then an airplane came out of nowhere right over the tree line.

"Oh, cool. An airplane. . . . . . . . . . . . . . wait. . . . . . . AN AIRPLANE!"

Before the airplane came, we had been munching on candy and "accidentally" spilled a bunch on the ground. So when we saw the airplane the other thought we both had was "save the candy!"

It was one of those you-had-to-be-there things. . .

This was one scary looking bird.

One of the mornings we woke up to find this creepy thing on top of the boat house.
This was on our last boat ride out.

It was an amazingly gorgeous morning:)
Rob driving the boat. . .

One of the UUUHHHMAaazing sunsets.

And one last photo of the neighbors boat house during the sunset . . . :-)

That's all folk's!
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So be on the lookout!


Family Portraits - Herman, Esther and Lucas

This next family was seriously one of the most fun and relaxed families I've photographed.
Right from the beginning, I told them to just completely ignore me and ignore me they did!
It was great!
It was so fun to watch and capture the moments of a family that loves to be with each other.
And boy, was Lucas the cutest little guy ever.
One of the best things about him is his little fro. It's so cute!
This photo is one of my all time favorites.
You know those photos that make you go "awwwww" and melt inside??
Yes, this would be one of those for me. . .
The gentle touch of mom help zip up the jacket. . .
the little rascal in the jacket who won't hold still. . .
and the crinkled smile that spreads across his face. . .

Don't you just love the plaid pants??and the hoody to match!!
This little guy was so cute I took a million shots but I had to limit myself to only a few :)

Gotta love the late summer night hazy yumminess :)
Let's end with this cuteness, shall we?? Yes, I think so. . .

Sintim Family - thank you so much for being so cute and fun to photograph!

Your Mercies Are New Every Morning

I woke up this morning with a million thoughts whirling around in my brain of all the things I want to accomplish today. . .
the e-mails I need to send
the cleaning that should be done
the laundry that HAS to be done
the blogging that should be done
the errands that should be done
future plans that I need to look into. . . .all of these things were with the focus of myself.
But then the Lord stopped me.
He reminded me of what life is truly about.
Life isn't about all the things I "need" to get done. . .
It's about whether I'm doing what He wants me to get done.
Am I accomplishing these things with a mindset that brings God the glory or myself?
It's about serving my Savior and others first, before myself. . .
Life is about sharing the Gospel with the same grace that He gave me when He chose to save me.
Life is about, from and for Him.
Oh, what a great God I serve!
I am filled with a renewed gratefulness for the undeserved love and grace that he pours onto me everyday.
I would urge you to take a few minutes of your day to just meditate on the Lord. Think of the love and grace that He has shown you. Think of his faithfulness to you in all things past. And know that "He will never leave us, nor forsake us."


My Friend Meg

Megan was seriously one of the cutest and funnest(is that a word?) people to photograph.

One of the first things she told me when she knew I was going to be taking her photos was that she isn't very photogenic. . . pah!Whatever! Megan, you are one pretty person. No joke.

She is a walking Ann Taylor Loft ad.

She is classy, yet full of spunk. . .


If you were a model, I'd book you.

Can I just say that I love open fields at sunset! Well, I do.

Need I say more??
I am a HUGE fan of power lines.... not sure why tho. . . :)

It should be illegal to be this cute. . .
Meg, thank you for being your
funky self. . .
You are an example, to many, of what a godly woman should be:)

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