::Christmas Time::

I cannot believe that Christmas is TOMORROW!
It's amazing how quickly this year has gone by!

Well, in light of the holiday season, I wanted to do SOMETHING thing fun like hold give away shoot or have some sort of discount. . .
So, this is what I've come up with so far.
This coming Tuesday(December 29th) I will be hanging out in the down town Annapolis harbor area and want to know if you would like to come hang out with me and
take some photos of you!
The session would be 25-30 minutes long and only $40!!
(it would also include a disc with ALL the high res images)
If you're at all interested, please contact me at meganjanellephotography@gmail.com by this Sunday, December 27th!!

Merry Christmas!!!!


::My Favorites::

Something that I've been thinking about lately is what to blog about when your not busy blogging and editing your clients photos. Especially during those "off " months when you can't go outside, unless you want to freeze your butt off(like today, when there is at least a foot and a half of snow on the ground!:))
Why not use my blog to encourage someone?
I know some of you don't personally know these girls and I am sorry but these are a few of my favorite people ever:)
They have no idea I'm going to do this and they'll probably kill me but I don't really care. . .
My sisters are some of the most Christ-centered and joyful people you will ever meet.
You will sense and know the love they have for you and the Lord from the first moment you talk to them. They are true servants of God as they seek to run and follow hard after Christ.
Daily, they pursue laying down their lives for Christ.
To serve Him.
. . . Because they love Him. . .
. . . Because He first loved them.
Kristen, Amy and Lauren - Thank you for the way you live out your lives for our Father.
Thank you for selflessly and faithfully giving of yourselves to serve the church. Thank you for how you love and care for "your girls." Thank you for your example of obedience to the Lord in the paths that He wanted you to take. Ultimately, thank you for your love for the Lord. Thank you for the way you love me. Thank you for being my best friends.

Love you,


p.s. why do you have to be so darn beautiful!


::Friends and Christmas::

On my friend's last day of finals, we headed over to Annapolis harbor for some fun:)

It was a gorgeous day. Very, very cold but gorgeous none the less:)
Sorry Anth! But I had to!
Can you say "Titanic"?
I know I can. . .
Starbucks is amazing.
The next few shots are a bit repetitive but I don't really care and because it's my blog, I get to do what I want:-D Ahh, the beauty of it all. . .

Pahahaha. ok. yeah. Let me try to figure out what is going on in everyones heads. . .
Anthony - ". . . . . " yeah. . . . I'm not sure I want to figure this one out
Colleen - " It's sooooo cold!!!"
Jared - "don't look at me"
Ingrid - "What is anthony doing?"
Liesel - "Look! She has a camera! Everyone smile!"
Hahahahahaha! I'm pretty sure this isn't as funny to anyone else as it is to me but it's all good:)
We had fun:)

A few days ago, my family and I went to see the Annapolis harbor boat show, which is always fun to see the different themes people come up with.
This train boat(ok, that's confusing) goes out to my nephew JJ!

9 Days Till Christmas!
Merry Christmas Everyone!


::Life Happens::

( I apologize for having my old watermark and the random photos;))
As I sit here trying to sort through my thoughts as to what I want to blog about, the only thing that keeps coming to the forefront of my mind is how aware I am of God's faithfulness and love towards me in the past few months.
My life, in the past six months, has been full of changes.
Starting with a photography internship in Nashville, starting my own business, indefinitely stopping college, to possibly starting cosmetology school. It's been one crazy season!
But I love it.
All of these circumstances have forced me to be completely and utterly dependent on the Father.
What an amazing place to be!
God has lead me on quite a different path then the rest of my friends and family.
I used to think, " What's wrong with me? Why am I so different? Am I just weird?"
But then I heard that Voice -
"Because I made you that way. Because I want you to depend on me in this way.Because I want you to know and love me more through my plans for you."

I have been SO truly blessed during this season.
God has taken care of specific needs and desires during this time.
One of them being a new computer from my VERY generous family.

I am learning many things about the Lord and myself, during this season, that, if I had gone to college, I probably would not have learned until much later. For that I am most grateful:)
Now, can you do me a favor?
I have an important decision about whether or not to attend cosmetology school, come this January, and I would love prayer for clarity about what the Lord's will would be.
Thank You!
Rather random photos, right?
But I still love 'em.
The one below, I had been practicing with the flash and this was one of the results. . .
What do you think?
Have a fabulous and blessed day!


Trips and Parks

"But tomorrow if a golden
train came to take you
Would you go or would you stay. . . "
Justin Nozuka ~ Golden Train

Soooooo, I know this is a couple months late BUUUUUUUT let's do it anyway, eh?
Awhile back, my sis Amy, my mom, my aunt and uncle and I went to Gettysburg for the day.
It was absolutely gorgeous.
The cloudy skies in contrast to the brilliant colors of fall was stunning.

We saw so many memorials!
It is Gettysburg, after all :p
Anyways, I love history.
It was my favorite subject in High School.
I love learning about things that people did in past centuries.
I love learning about what they learned then.
I love learning about the different styles(hey, I'm a girl ain't I?)
I love learning about different customs they had and comparing them to how they are now. . .
I like to learn about what was important to them. . . how they lived their lives. . .
It all amazes me. . . intrigues me. . .it's astonishing how God made history so perfectly. Not surprising but amazing non the less:)
Thank you for tuning in to Fun Facts of Megan.
Amy and I:)

Some of my family and I headed out to the park one day and I was able to get a couple shots of my BEAUTIFUL niece:)
But first, apparently I'm the nerd in the corner who likes puzzles. . .
because this is what I did while the kids were going down the slides. . .
Special, uh?
Moving on. . . my niece, Keara:)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


::Ashley:: (Portrait Photography)

Ashley did a fantastic job goin' with my flow. . .
I had an idea of where we would go for the shoot but I definitely winged it:)
So we head out with anticipation of finding THE spot.
The spot that we wanted to get to was blocked off, so we improvised a few feet from it:)

Ashley is currently pursuing acting, so we had to make sure to get those head shots!!

Nice and moody:)

Love the pop of color. . .
Ashley - thank you for being so easy and fun to work with!
Coming Soon: Trips and Parks:)


Craynon Family

I have known the Craynons for. . . .forever. So, it was a very fun and laid back photo shoot(which , as you all know, is my kinda shoot).
It was a very special shoot for me as well.
To have the opportunity to photograph one of my favorite families was definitely a cherished moment for me.

The Ladies:)

Were able to shoot at a location I have been wanting to shoot at for awhile now. The location is right down the road from University of Maryland, which presented some funny moments. Definitely had tons of students walk by and give that look of skepticism like "what are they doing?"
It's all good.
I'm pretty used to it.
And we even got these next shots.... :)
Colleen and I have been friends pretty much our whole lives :-D, so shooting her was completely natural. Also, take a look at those eyes. . . see what I mean?
You also might recognize her from past shoots I've done:)
What can I say? I LOVED this wall.
And I'm sure only photographers know what i mean;)
When I'm with friends, I constantly get teased for how I can randomly stop places and say things like "ohhh!look at that road!!" or " i love that dumpster!". . . . well, you get the picture.

Megan is seriously one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. No matter if you had just met her or had known her your entire life, she takes a genuine interest in you. And did I mention she is gorgeous?? I didn't?
Well, guess what! She is!

Robert, the man of the house:)

LOVE this next one! So cute!
Gotta love siblings.

Mrs. C :)

So classy and cute :)

The sibs:) Colleen and Robert rockin' it out. . .

//sisters. sisters. there were never such devoted sisters//
Brownie points to whoever can guess this song!

Love you guys so much!