And The Winner Is. . . . . . . .

Pegi Black!!
Congratulations Mrs. Black!
I can't wait to start!


Thanksgiving Giveaway!

In light of Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I wanted to hold another free shoot giveaway!
Here's the catch. . .
You must comment on this post and tell me what you are thankful for and on Friday, November 27th, I will randomly choose a winner!
Happy Thanksgiving!


A Day In The Life Of Megan. . . .

My friends and I had a blast in Annapolis Harbor, one afternoon after I had visited them at school that day. It was perfect. The rain completely made my day. I had been wanting to walk around the harbor area in the rain for quite awhile. The rain just made for some . . . . interesting photos:) Enjoy these snapshots!

Props to whoever brought the blue umbrella guys! Ha! I just made a funny:)
Even though most of these photos are kinda dark and a bit too grainy, I still love them:)

This next set of photos are my favorite from the day. I had them stand in a line and every two seconds I would yell, " change!!!"
Pahahahahah! and this is what I got.

Hope you enjoyed a day in the life of Megan!

Ryan's Birthday!

Ryan, one of my awesome friends, turned sixteen! So, me being the picture taking lover that I am, I HAD to get a few shots ;)

His bright red high tops, that I'm completely jealous of. . .

Happy 16th Birthday Ryan!

O'Hara Family

The O'Hara family won the free shoot I gave away awhile back and boy,
were they fun to photograph. They were absolute troopers for the entire shoot. Despite Johanna being 8 months pregnant and Steven having a scratched eye( thanks to Rebekah:-)), they did amazing in front of the camera!
We had a great time walking around the old Greenbelt theater.
It had many different locations to choose from. The possibilities were endless:) This is a good thing, you see. :-)

This next little cutie is Rebekah. She is one of the most adorable toddlers. I had THE best time trying to truly capture this little gals personality. Amazing how someone so small, can fill you with so much inspiration. . . .

Rebekah reminds me of a porcelain doll. Fair skin, blond hair, blue eyes and all.Oh, and this door made me very happy.

Hope you enjoyed it!



Get ready for this crazy fun. . . .

For Ryan's sweet birthday (mini)session. . .

and this amazingly adorable family :-)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Josh and Kelley ~ Fun Stuff!

I had the very fun opportunity to tag along with Josh and Kelley while Kristen Leigh took their photos for a post wedding shoot(4 years later:))

I had fun just being in the background for this one. I loved being able to see Kristen do her thing:) Enjoy!!

Psst! Keep an eye out for some pre-thanksgiving fun and a giveaway shoot!!