The James Family!

I had the wonderful privilege of photographing the James family :)

They were soo fun to photograph :) and soo easy!
They were such model's.
Every "pose" i gave them looked so natural.
It was truly amazing:)
Norma and Nate Sr. - aka "mom and dad"

The Sib's!!!

Some individual shots of the siblings:)
First up, Nate!

Vivian, who i might add, has one of the most gorgeous smiles ever. . .


AAAANNND Faith! (so beautiful)

Hope you enjoyed it!

Coming VERY, VERY soon :
Price/ Package changes!
So excited for this. I have added more packages to give a variety, so that you can pick which one fits you best!
So be on the lookout!!

Dwayne, Shamane, Joshua and Brian.

Well, you probably remember these faces. . .
I had done an earlier post that included the Gardners and some extended family but they decided that they couldn't get enough of me;)
Just Kidding!
They really just wanted some more "family" shots.

Cutest little man. . .
The other cute little man. . .


A Quick Preview.

All that I have to say about these next two families is :-D !!!



Hello there.
Yes, it's been awhile.
I do apologize.
But to make up for it, how about some photos of some really cute kids??
Yes. Yes please.

Keara and Courtney looking at the ugliest animal on the planet. . . the sloth.

Kelley joins the ranks of the stroller pushers.

The CUTEST little boy ever. . .

Coming Soon!
The Gardner "mini" shoot and the James Family session!!