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I'm so excited to do this for you Meg!



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Portrait Session - Anita

Remember that trip to FL I keep coming back to??
Well, let's just say I have a lot of photos from that trip so you'll definitely be seeing some more:)

My friend Anita and I had a great time taking her photos. . .
She is one of those people that a photographer loves to photograph.
Just when you want a position, look or location changed. . .Well, Anita was a pro at this. She made my job soooooo easy!Nearly every photo I have of her is different! Here are just a few photos but more will be coming later. . .
. . .and did I mention she is sooo Audrey Hepburn??Well, she is.

(hahahahaha!How many times do you think I can say "well" in one post?)anyway. . .

This photo below made us laugh. . . she was imitating something or someone but I can't for the life of me remember. . . oh well. . .

Can someone say MODEL!!
Let's end with a "fierce" photo, shall we?


Coming Soon. . .

Another portrait session - and family shoot!

aaaaaaaaaannnndd . . . . . .

a sweet deal comin' along the way!

So be on the lookout!!!!!!!!!!!


Portrait Session - Liesel

My very good friend Liesel and I have known each other from birth. . . quite literally, seeing as how we are only two weeks apart.

Liesel and I have gone through many years of
giggling together...
crying together...
struggling together...
praying together...
and laughing sooo hard no noise comes out while having tears rush down our faces...

Liesel is a constant, faithful friend who pursues the Lord and strives to give God the glory.

This last photo is my "artistic" photo...impressive, right??

I'm almost done with the portrait part of the trip....next up is the fun shoot we did with all the girls on the beach!


Family Portraits - The Murphy Family

While my family and I were on vacation in the outer banks this summer, I had the opportunity to take a few family photos of my brother and his family.

Ha!What a time we had!

The kids (and the adults) did amazing even though it rained periodically throughout the shoot.

. . . and can I just say that laying on the sand when it's wet and raining is not so much fun. . .yeah, not so much. . . anyway, moving on. . . .

I had never photographed little kids before so this was a challenge in itself (even though they were my niece and nephew:)). But eventually we got a couple good family ones!

Josh and Kelley- one of the cutest/hottest couple's I know. . .

Hurray for a good photo!!!

There is something about dads with their little girls that can just melt your heart. . .

The next one was completely random but makes me laugh every time I see it - One second I
was taking a picture of JJ and Josh and then little Keara pops in to grace us with her presence!

The little model herself:)

"What's this wet, sticky stuff on my hands?!"

I don't think there is a better way to end this, than with a cute face to brighten your day!

Portrait - Amy

Last but certainly not least. . . my sister Amy!

Amy (the middle child) is seriously one big goofball. . . :)

No matter the circumstance, she always brings a light-hearted, goofy attitude.

And have you seen her eyes??? Don't look too closely, you may get lost in those pools of blueness.

Well, now you have "met" my sisters and have seen how gorgeous and amazing they are!
-one question: Fellas, what are you waiting for???