::Noah and Courtney::

  Noah and Courtney are engaged!!

I had the privilege of taking a few snapshots of the post engagement dinner with the Ricucci and Welch family. Both families are ecstatic about these two getting engaged(as are the rest of us:)).
So happy for you two!!


::Funky Hair::

As some of you know, I have just recently started cosmetology school.
We have started to learn about the actual styling of hair(as opposed to learning about bacteria in the workplace. Fun stuff, I know) and how to start being creative with hair.
Well, since today is Valentines Day, I had the privilege of experimentally styling my sister Lauren's hair for her date night with the boyfriend.
I had tried this a couple times on a mannequin head but trust me, styling a mannequins head is SO much different than styling a human head. Let's just say it's a WHOLE lot easier to style a persons head. . . 
So I gave it a try and had a lot of fun trying it out!
Let me know what you think!!


::Valentines Day Winner!::

The Valentines Day winner isssssssssssssssssssssss................Krista!! 
Congratulations Krista!
Thank you for sharing your love story!
I really enjoyed reading about how you and Scott met!

As I was thinking about Valentines Day and how I don't have a "true" love story(yet:)), I was struck with the realization that I already have one....
The one when the Savior of the world died in my place....
because He loves me....
..pure and simple..
That is the greatest love story of all.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone.


::Blizzard of 2010::

So, here we are....snowed in....
We have been for 5 days now.
5 Days.
Yep, that's a long time for us Marylanders.
And guess what!
We are going to get another one to two more feet of snow.
Oooooooon the upside, I have been loving being able to really spend time with my family.
Because of school, the past few weeks has kind of looked something like. . . "hey, how are you??How was your day?Good, Good. Alrighty, I have to head to bed." 
These past few days have been extremely nice to just BE - to just BE with my family.
(I have to say that I'm also loving being off of school:))
So, what have we been doing to keep busy??
Hmmm, watching movies, shoveling, puzzles,
eating, watching movies, staring at the walls,
puzzles, homework(well, some of us), working out, cleaning,
laundry, some more fun in the snow AND more PUZZLES!
What would a post about a blizzard be without a few pictures. . . . . :)

So, this Sunday is Valentines Day and I want to have a little fun you all...
If you want to win a FREE! photo shoot with your spouse, all you have to do is post your love story ( how you met, what made it so special, when you got married, and what's your favorite thing about your spouse) in the comment box (make sure you say who you are;)) and I will choose a winner on THIS Saturday!


::A Bit Late::

I know Christmas was forever ago but I just wanted to share a few of my favorites from my family's Christmas Eve party. Enjoy!


::Life Is Crazy!::

Life has drastically picked up in the last couple of weeks! I have started cosmetology school at Graham Webb Academy in D.C. on the 19th and it's been a whirlwind since then! My life pretty much consists of school, church, family, friends and any down time I can get! So, if you were wondering why the lack of posts, this is why! Please bear with me in this next season!
p.s. if anyone out there is looking for a wedding photographer for this summer, send them on over!