::Blizzard of 2010::

So, here we are....snowed in....
We have been for 5 days now.
5 Days.
Yep, that's a long time for us Marylanders.
And guess what!
We are going to get another one to two more feet of snow.
Oooooooon the upside, I have been loving being able to really spend time with my family.
Because of school, the past few weeks has kind of looked something like. . . "hey, how are you??How was your day?Good, Good. Alrighty, I have to head to bed." 
These past few days have been extremely nice to just BE - to just BE with my family.
(I have to say that I'm also loving being off of school:))
So, what have we been doing to keep busy??
Hmmm, watching movies, shoveling, puzzles,
eating, watching movies, staring at the walls,
puzzles, homework(well, some of us), working out, cleaning,
laundry, some more fun in the snow AND more PUZZLES!
What would a post about a blizzard be without a few pictures. . . . . :)

So, this Sunday is Valentines Day and I want to have a little fun you all...
If you want to win a FREE! photo shoot with your spouse, all you have to do is post your love story ( how you met, what made it so special, when you got married, and what's your favorite thing about your spouse) in the comment box (make sure you say who you are;)) and I will choose a winner on THIS Saturday!


The Maryland Crustacean said...

Nice hat! :-)

KZ said...

Is it too late to enter?
Scott and I met when I was a senior in high school. He was a freshman at Virginia Tech, and in town for Christmas break. Scott was talked into driving a friend Jeri around to a few different parties. One of those parties was mine. In true Jeri fashion, they got there right as everyone was leaving. When I opened the door, my first thought was, "I am going to marry this guy" (I managed to push that thought out of my head for a year or so) my second thought was "who are you?" We hit it off and hung out, the three of us until late that night. Scott and I talked a bit more over the next year, and he took me to prom (as a favor to Jeri). That next Christmas he and I hung out a lot, Jeri was busy and he was bored. He left to go back to VT and I had to email him to see what was up with us, I was in friend/more than friend limbo. We decided that I would come down in February and we would start dating then. So instead of Valentines day we celebrate February 5th, that was 11 years ago!
We dated for two years, and got engaged
(he had the ring for a year before he asked me)
We were engaged for a year and a half. All but the last year of that time was a long distance relationship.
We got married August 3, 2002 on a very hot day. With an outdoor ceremony. I prayed for no rain, but apparently didn't pray for cool weather!
My favorite thing about Scott, well there are many! He serves our family in so many ways! He is so caring with Harry and Audrey! I love hearing him talk to them. I love the way he looks at me, and how he loves my so.
By the way, I waited to tell him my first thought until we were engaged. I didn't want to scare him off.