Family portraits [National Arboretum]

Ana and Jonny celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary a couple weeks ago and I had the privilege of capturing them and their son Daniel on camera to commemorate this special occasion. These folks are two of the kindest people you will ever have the privilege of talking with.
 Ana and Jonny- thank you for making my job so easy and filling our time together with much joy and laughter!


Anna L. said...

These are STUNNING. Oh my goodness, megan, I had forgotten what amazing pictures you take. wowzer.

Juan Cruz said...

This is amazing!! Great job capturing the joy that really identifies this family ;) So glad you guys are in our church!

Anonymous said...

Megan....absolutely breath taking - Keep up the good work, you are improving with each time you take photos. I am looking forward to your next ones!

Faith said...

Just beautiful!